open arms kids philosophy

Philosophy of Pre-school and Children’s Ministry


At Open Arms Church, we see a children’s ministry that enables children from all backgrounds and cultures to love one God and to love one another. In loving God, they will grow through teaching and prayer. In loving others, they will grow in fellowship and compassion. 


This is achieved by the proper alignment with the values of the church. These values are impressed upon the parents, then affirmed upon the children. These values are derived from Acts 2:42 (ESV), “And they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.” At Open Arms Church, our values are four-fold: 

1.Teaching – We honor God’s non-negotiable truth.

2.Fellowship – We value ethnically diverse relationships.

3.Compassion – We are sincere about serving our community and world.

4.Prayer – We intercede for others and seek intimacy with God.

Our children’s ministry will strive to develop each child, from nursery to 5th grade, by teaching biblical truths. In the nursery (0 to 24 months), the teachers and care givers will sing bible based songs, show faith based videos and model biblical love. In the pre-school level (3’s and 4’s), the teachers and care givers will engage each student with biblical activities that are age appropriate. In the “kids church” (kindergarten through fifth grade), the teachers and care givers will present lesson plans that teach Bible principles, challenge the students to memorize Scripture, and to apply what is learned with practical ideas.

Our children’s ministry will pursue loving relationships with the students and parents. Our objective is to develop relationships that are ethnically diverse. This will be achieved by establishing fellowships that are inclusive of all cultures and promoting global mission’s awareness.  

Our children’s ministry has the goal of fostering a compassionate view toward the less fortunate of our community and world. The children will join the outreach efforts of the church by helping to distribute resources to individuals in need. The children will make fundraising plans to help raise funds for missionaries.

Our children’s ministry will cultivate each child’s ability to communicate to God. The purpose is to equip each child with the confidence to pray for others and to pray for themselves. This is accomplished by encouraging our children to pray in public and to produce a private prayer lifestyle.


Our goal for the children we serve, at Open Arms Church, is to nurture each child according to biblical principles. We believe that the training of a “child in the ways of the Lord” is the responsibility of the home and the church. It is our purpose to help develop children which are devoted to God and to one another. This is accomplished with the partnership of the home environment. However, where the parental support is absent, it is our objective to advance children spiritually where they can be missionaries to their homes.


At Open Arms Church, we value our children as disciples of Jesus. In partnership with the home, we will train our children to love one God and to love one another. This is achieved with biblical teachings, genuine fellowships, sincere compassion and authentic prayers.