Sola Scriptura INSTITUTE

discover Deeper Bible Treasures

1. What is the biblical objective of this school?

2 Timothy 2:15 ESV - Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth.

  • Present oneself to God as equipped
  • A servant not ashamed
  • Capable of accurately explaining the truth

2. What is Sola Scriptura?

Sola Scriptura is defined as “Scripture alone has the final authority”. It is one of the Five Solas that defined the Protestant/Reformed movement.


3. When do the courses meet?

Tuesday Evenings 6:30-7 Fellowship & prayer, 7-8 Instruction Time

* Starts September 6, 2022

 4.      Where do the courses take place?

1314 E 18th Ave. Tampa, FL 33605 (Open Arms Café)


5.      Why this School?

  • The Bible is our primary textbook because truth matters! No opinions or personal perspectives; what does God say in His Bible?
  • College level Bible instruction, without the college tuition and assignments.
  • Helping to reverse postmodern biblical illiteracy. Many people believe false teachings because they do not know how to accurately apply the Bible.
  • Basic and advance students welcomed; class size is limited to 18 to promote discussion.
  • Goal is to understand the biblical text contextually and exhibit the ability to explain it.
  • A verse by verse, inductive study of the Bible: Observation, Interpretation, and Application.
  • Explore the biblical author, recipients, history, customs, cultural manners, original language, and more.

* Basic students audit the class with no assignments.

* Advance students are required to present an oral presentation of the Bible book to qualify for a "Certificate of Completion".

6.      Is this Bible School accredited?

The professors are required to have a minimum of a Master Degree in related courses and credentialed from a fully accredited Seminary. However, the goal of this School is to be tuition-free; accreditation or affiliation will make tuition out of the reach for our target student. 


7.      Who is the target student?

  • This School does not place a financial burden on students.
  • This School is designed for busy adults who desire to increase their understanding of the Bible, be equipped, and capable to accurately explain what they believe.
  • This School does not require students to take tests or write reports. An oral presentation is required for advance students to qualify for a Certificate of Completion.




30 - Info. Meeting



6 - Background of James

13 - Session 1 - James 1

20 - Session 2 - James 1

27 - Session 3 - James 2



4 - Session 4 - James 2

11 - Session 5 - James 3

18 - Session 6 - James 3

25 - Session 7 - James 4



1 - Session 8 - James 4

8 - Session 9 - James 5

15 - Session 10 - James 5


Winter Break

November 16 - January 2, 2023

Back to School - January 3, 2023


* Students are allowed 3 absences per Semester.




Registration =               0.00

Tuition per course =    0.00

Semester Fee =           $30.00


* Semester fee helps pay for notebook material and classroom snacks/refreshments.

Please use the online giving option at - select GIVING > DONATE > "SSI Bible School" in the drop-down menu.